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  3. The test server is live!

    Hey, is the test server down? I've been unsucsessfully trying to log in for a long time now and nothing...
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  5. The test server is live!

    They said on the 2nd week of next month (September) I read somewhere, its 11 September By the way, what is there to 'Test' anyway? theres nothing different than other servers.. other than 'Unlimited MyShop' and bugs here & there.. they never ask to report bugs, just straight 'Official Launch'.. lol
  6. The test server is live!

    For how long will tne test server be on?
  7. Hello! Tragic here!

    Yeah.. Season 2 TricksterOnline is all about quests all the grind spots from Season 1 actually "disappeared" (low exp / monster changed / loot changed).. I actually have no idea where to get Galders when the server officially launched lol.. (right now, with free MyShop = buy Booster Bracer set with Ressurection Scroll = sell to NPC = 25k Galders each = 10 pcs = 250k Galders per set) good luck with new character! I actually sold an Key-Quest-Item to NPC.. had to remake the character once too lolz
  8. Server Advertisements

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any social media... also spend 15$ on Facebook paid advertising, it will do wonders. Had done this before for my business page.
  9. Hello! Tragic here!

    Sounds great! I will friend you later when i get on. Mods say server should be restored early September so that's good. And omg... I have skipped all of the key quests so far rofl >.< and yet i was so curious why i feel so behind... i'm so used to the pre-revo grindy style play. Starting from zero today when i'm back from work. LOL.
  10. Important Announcement

    I really wanted to "test" that "custom" stuffs.. which is unique to Life TO (Custom NPC? System? Item? etc.) Because there is a good chance it will be bugged and exploited secretly, which cause unfairness (which often happen to new servers, various private server games)
  11. Hello! Tragic here!

    Sure! but let's do that when its officially launched XD anyway, the Key Quest-Related really give tons of experience lol.. I'm lv. 219 and I just starting Snow Hill's Key Quest (Lv.160 to start? lol) only been doing Key Quests, haven't touched Episode Quests because doing that the second time (when Official Launch) will be boring hahah..
  12. Hello! Tragic here!

    Welcome ^^ This server should be a fun ride once it takes off, its different from the rest. Also seen you on the server several times now, we should play sometime!
  13. Important Announcement

    Its a "test" server so any progress made in it may be in vain, it would have to be wiped to keep things fair and consistent.
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  15. Important Announcement

    Question.. on the 2nd week of September = server wiped? fresh start? I heard there will be custom stuffs to be updated / included? not going to be implemented in Beta Period? straight to Official Launch? kind of worried about bugs / exploits because new stuffs not necessarily stable..
  16. Server Advertisements

    Personally, I found this server from YouTube. I searched "Trickster Online" because wanted to see Boss-Kill videos, and found Life Trickster Online! Usually, active private servers had their YouTube as often as they can (from Daily to Weekly, not necessarily have to be Over-The-Top video.. simple ones that shows the server is alive, with players and updates). Well, I always check YouTube and tick "This Week" or "This Month" for potential private servers (lots of games, RO etc.).
  17. Hey! Rudolf has arrived!

    Hey, everyone! My name is Rudolf. I may have played a bit before... possibly. Anywho, I'm just your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill guy. I'd like to say I talk a lot, but I'm far more silent than I see myself being. Well... as it would seem, I can't think of anything else to say... so, I guess that's all. Warmly, Rudolf
  18. Hello! Tragic here!

    Hello everyone! My IGN is Tragic (originally Sorr0w on eTO Official Server, but seems it got taken already lol) I'm from Malaysia (using GMT+8), surprisingly it didn't lag / delay at all! I'm having much fun on Open Beta! (unlimited MyShop lol) Hope it will still be as good when Life Trickster Online officially launched! thanks!
  19. Important Announcement

    Thank you, guys! Here's an update: 1. New website is ongoing. I am already done with the content and we're currently working on the site's front-end. 2. Ray is working on a more secured Panel and a better forum. 3. Nigel (new dev) is working on the server-side updates 4. We have 2 new community managers, Ricardo and Ellie ~ We are aiming to finish everything by the 2nd week of September. If anyone's interested to apply as a community manager or social media manager, please do send me an e-mail.
  20. ok ppd

    im trying to teleport with a ppd to caballa relice and it teleports me to the swamp
  21. Important Announcement

    With the amount of ambition and passion involved and a great looking server btw! If there's the least i can do to aid with you and your team's progression i would be happy to donate towards this project. You guys are going a long way for everyone including me and i have yet to feel old for Trickster any time soon!
  22. Returning old mon here

    Hey everyone, Dimsum here! formerly known as RockLee3, dark lord dragon from the depths of eTO LOLL funny you may ask i have the slightest idea why out of all names i gave my main that one but Naruto was the craze and i was 13? then i found Trickster and had to be both i guess so no coincidence in that rofl I remember spending man hours, days, no sleep 24hr booster grinds in Tap fields pulled them all nighters playing the original eTO (screw you Ntreev taking away social life) back then this was the original cocaine drug, the mesiah, the 2nd coming, it was the butter to the bread. Having tried games like Blade & Soul, Black Desert, many hours spent on Phantasy Star Online its no longer the same but now however seeing all the new and familiar faces here i hope to spend some good quality time in this sweet looking server and also hope to play again with everyone else on here. Cheers
  23. Where is the server located?

    Hopefully about a month — give or take a few weeks.
  24. Upcoming Forum Change

    Hello everybody! In the coming weeks, we will be moving over to a new forum system for security reasons. The forum will connect with your SSI Games account (you already have one if you play LifeTO or have played SorinRO). We will also categorize forums to be more clear. As for details, unfortunately, we are not able to release the exact details of the issues with this forum. Thank you for your support.
  25. Important Announcement

    Hello, former Trickster player here, After the trickster shutdown, I played some other Trickster private server not for a long time since the grind was killing my soul... again. I've never played LifeTO, but I really respect the concept behind it. I can't play games hardcore-style anymore, but I still wanna have fun playing Trickster, and I believe LifeTO's concept is the way to it. I hope it all works out and you all have my support. Kisses from Brazil. Sincerely, -Me
  26. Where is the server located?

    Any approximate time period when this might be happening? I know it's never really certain, but are we talking weeks or months?
  27. Where is the server located?

    We'll be updating the server pretty soon. And from there, everyone can help us on testing the new contents. (not new episode or class, just custom contents and bug fixes)
  28. Where is the server located?

    Are there any specific things that need testing? I don't really feel like playing the game seriously as it's a testing phase and progress will be gone, but if I had a goal it would be a bit more interesting.
  29. Where is the server located?

    Hi, TacDrol, our main server is hosted in Los Angeles, California.Since LifeTO is currently in deep maintenance (again), only the test server is available and it's hosted in Quebec, Canada. RE: If you guys get bigger over time, will the servers still handle it and continue being this smooth? I would be very interested in continuing to play on this server once you get out of the test phase if it keeps being this smooth and nice for me. A: Yes, it will. I believe Raymond and I have gathered enough experiences to smoothly run the server when the population increases. The more challenging part is overseeing the community, that's why we're still looking for more volunteers who would love to see this server grow. Thanks and welcome to the community!
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