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  1. 캐시가 안사져요

    그게 무슨 말이죠? 미안하지만, 한국어를 잘 못해요.
  2. Hey! Rudolf has arrived!

    Welcome to the community! Apologize for the late response, we hope to see you in-game when the server officially opens again.
  3. Important Announcement

    Thank you, guys! Here's an update: 1. New website is ongoing. I am already done with the content and we're currently working on the site's front-end. 2. Ray is working on a more secured Panel and a better forum. 3. Nigel (new dev) is working on the server-side updates 4. We have 2 new community managers, Ricardo and Ellie ~ We are aiming to finish everything by the 2nd week of September. If anyone's interested to apply as a community manager or social media manager, please do send me an e-mail.
  4. Where is the server located?

    Hopefully about a month — give or take a few weeks.
  5. Where is the server located?

    We'll be updating the server pretty soon. And from there, everyone can help us on testing the new contents. (not new episode or class, just custom contents and bug fixes)
  6. Where is the server located?

    Hi, TacDrol, our main server is hosted in Los Angeles, California.Since LifeTO is currently in deep maintenance (again), only the test server is available and it's hosted in Quebec, Canada. RE: If you guys get bigger over time, will the servers still handle it and continue being this smooth? I would be very interested in continuing to play on this server once you get out of the test phase if it keeps being this smooth and nice for me. A: Yes, it will. I believe Raymond and I have gathered enough experiences to smoothly run the server when the population increases. The more challenging part is overseeing the community, that's why we're still looking for more volunteers who would love to see this server grow. Thanks and welcome to the community!
  7. Important Announcement

    Hello Tricksters, After a very deep reflection, I've decided to temporarily take down the project on July 15, 2017 while we reform the team and assign the right people in most critical positions. The main reasons behind this decision are because LifeTO's updates are delayed, and seasonal events and SNT weren't religiously hosted for the past 2 months. It's embarrassing and I no longer have enough time to finish the upcoming major updates due to the current responsibilities I have in the company. For those who do not know yet, I was transferred to a startup company and was assigned to pioneer it. So, me and the branch director are working closely and building the company together. My responsibilities at work are business development, project management, marketing, and web development. Leading a project this ambitious isn't always an easy task, both Raymonf and I have struggled to make time to collaborate and work on the server. Also, I didn't expect the community management to be this challenging. It's really hard to maintain a healthy competition. So what my plan is to take the main server off while we reform the team and apply necessary updates on the test server. The test server is going to be available for anyone who has an existing account. The current available positions are the following: 1. Community Managers (2/5) - The most critical position. Someone who's mature enough to deal with players. Very good time management and creativity. Community Managers are the ones who will oversee the forum, plans and host events with the help of me or Raymonf (as some things in the server requires debugging before it works). 2. Graphic Designer (0/2) - Will be creating banners, posters, and other materials for the server. 3. Social Media Manager (0/1) - Will be posting in our Facebook page and group in advance. Will be directly coordinating with the CM and GFX for contents. Here are the contents that are in our queue: 1. Mad Ray update and all the new equipment with it. 2. Egg Shop complete Exchange 3. Fix for all confirmed bugs 5. Web Daily Rewards 6. Lucky Player Reward 7. GvG Ranking on web 8. Better website (more info, better SEO, panel + web combined) 9. Item and Mob Database (like 10. Tapasco Theme Spa and Neil's Camp I want to focus on designing the future updates and write contents. I am usually in the office and I cannot bring my development stuff in there. If you're interested on applying, please e-mail me at skytrickster (at) We'll open the main server again once we fill in these positions. The project started 2 years ago (Jan. 2015), when Raymonf and I had one thing in mind: "Open a non-pay-to-win Trickster server". From there, Raymonf worked hard to figure out things and debug the server. We rushed things and didn't recruit the right people in critical positions, so regular events and game improvements were nowhere to be seen. Also, I haven't been always making the best decisions in a timely manner but I am still glad that I was surrounded by very patient people. I just want to redo this and make it right this time to make more Trickster players happy and give them what they deserve: a fun and active community where they can invest their time. Summary: - The main server will be down on July 15, 2017 - The test server will be available - No wipe, all your data will remain - We need to reform the team for this project to continue and live longer
  8. Patch Notes [2017-06-07]

    Below are the changes applied to the server. Major: Updated the requirements of some Rosemary Exchange Quest. 1. Lycan Pet Box: 24 Chronos Shards to 3 Chronos Shards 2. Rook Pet Box: 24 Chronos Shards to 3 Chronos Shards 3. Rosalyna Pet Box: 24 Chronos Shards to 3 Chronos Shards 4. 4G Card 1: 40 Gorgon Shards to 5 Gorgon Shards. Increased 1 mil. galder check requirement from 20 to 60. 5. 4G Card 2: 40 Charybdis Shards to 5 Charybdis Shards. Increased 1 mil. galder check requirement from 20 to 60. 6. 4G Card 3: 40 Scylla Shards to 5 Scylla Shards. Increased 1 mil. galder check requirement from 20 to 60. 7. 4G Card 4: 40 Hecate Shards to 5 Hecate Shards. Increased 1 mil. galder check requirement from 20 to 60. 8. 4G Card 5: 40 Chronos Shards to 3 Chronos Shards. Increased 1 mil. galder check requirement from 20 to 60. 9. All Gacha Fashion Boxes 1 mil. galder check requirement is decreased to 2 from 5. 10. Gacha Pet Beginner Box 1 mil. galder check requirement is decreased to 8 from 10. Added Strawberry Glasses to Gacha Fashion Oops Wharf Box II. Added Rose Garden and Azteca Gacha Fashion Box. (including face accessory) 1. Gacha Fashion Rose Garden Box I Item Name Rarity Hawaiian Headband Common Flower Cudgel Common Hawaiian Shield Common Hawaiian Irina Rare Heart Face Painting Very Rare Ethel’s Witch Hat Common Ethel’s Wand Common Ethel’s Shield Common Stargazer Ethel Rare Cheerful Stella Common Cheerful Stella Staff Common Cheerful Stella Shield Common Cheerful Stella Rare 2. Gacha Fashion Rose Garden Box II Item Name Rarity Danihen’s Elegant Hat Common Danihen’s Elegant Sword Common Danihen’s Coach Gun Common Danihen’s Elegant Shield Common Elegant Don Danihen Rare Miranda’s Feather Tiara Common Microphone Staff Common Cockatoo Shield Common Miranda Watty Rare Danihen’s Chapeau Common Danihen’s Cane Sword Common Danihen’s Locked Shield Common Young Master Danihen Rare Danihen’s Party Mask Very Rare 3. Gacha Fashion Rose Garden Box III Item Name Rarity Penta Hat Common Balancing Rod Common Magical Kitten Shield Common Magician Louie Rare Squirrel Ribbon Common Squirrel Staff Common Squirrel Guard Common Darling Dorothy Rare Aria Hairclip Common Aria Staff Common Aria Shield Common Amazing Aria Rare Mint’s Hairpin Common Kitchen Knife Common Kitchen Eagle Common Winged Kitchen Shield Common Marvelous Mint Rare 4. Gacha Fashion Rose Garden Box IV Item Name Rarity Sassy Shades(Hat) Common Sassy Hammer Common Sassy Shield Common Sassy Tipreth Rare Master Hat Common Cluster Cane Common Saint Shield Common Hunter Master Pet Rare Tera Hat Common Tera Sword Common Eloy Spear Common Little Tera Rare 5. Gacha Fashion Azteca Box I Item Name Rarity Cletta Hairclip Common Little Cletta Spear Common Cletta Shield Common Little Cletta Rare Poirot Flat Cap Common Poirot Staff Common Poirot Gun Common Detective Poirot Rare Arlene’s Boho Hat Common Arlene’s Boho Dagger Common Arlene’s Boho Gun Common Arlene’s Boho Shield Common Fusion Master Arlene Rare 6. Gacha Fashion Azteca Box II Item Name Rarity Rose Fairy Hairclip Common Rose Fairy Dagger Common Rose Fairy Shield Common Petite Rose Fairy Rare Mirabo’s Headband Common Mirabo’s Spear Common Mirabo’s Shield Common Mirabo Watty Rare Roseus Head Piece Common Roseus Dagger Common Roseus Gun Common Roseus Shield Common Item Girl Rare Harvest Tiara Common Harvest Rake Common Harvest Shield Common Blossoming Nefertiti Rare Harvest Glasses Very Rare Harvest Ring(Head) Very Rare Elencia Hood Common Elencia Sword Common Elencia Pistol Common Elencia Shield Common Explorer Reina Rare 7. Gacha Fashion Azteca Box III Item Name Rarity UFO Sombrero Common Deep Space Staff Common UFO Shield Common Charismatic Kochi Rare Innocent Hat Common Innocent Dagger Common Innocent Gun Common Innocent Shield Common Prodigy Cochma Rare Innocent Glasses Very Rare Witch’s Ice Staff Common Witch’s Ice Shield Common Wicked Befana Rare Purple Butterfly Mask Very Rare Bunny Ear Common Bunny Hammer Common Bunny Shield Common Little Bunny Maid Rare MyShop Changes: Removed all the character boxes. Added Flare Boxes 240, 180, and 120. Added Wee Cora Box 150 and 50. Added Tempest Box 150 and 50. Added Tin Tiger Bag Power, Steel Tiger Bag Power, Titanium Tiger Bag Power, Tin Tiger Bag Magic, Steel Tiger Bag Magic, Titanium Tiger Bag Magic, Tin Tiger Bag Sense, Steel Tiger Bag Sense, Titanium Tiger Bag Sense, Tin Tiger Bag Charm, Steel Tiger Bag Charm, and Titanium Tiger Bag Charm. Minor Changes: GM_Ssi NPC is back at Megalopolis Shop. (contains the GM Cert Exchange Contents) Tapasco Mine's level requirement has been set back to level 120 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gift for Everyone: All accounts will receive 15 GM Gift Certificates and a Flicker Drill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Majority of the Tapasco Gacha Items are invisible. So if you happen to get an invisible item from the current boxes, please post a report.
  9. Gacha Fashion Beginner Box I Item Name Rarirty Active Helmet Common Ocean Hairband Rare Traditional Bandana Rare Tau`s Lily Rare Ocean Spear Rare Active Sword Rare Traditional Rod Rare Traditional Shield Rare Ocean Shield S Rare Active Shield Rare Spiker Tinnie Very Rare Gacha Fashion Beginner Box II Item Name Rarirty Sandman`s Hard Hat Common Coronet of Gallantry Rare Mischievous Chagan`s Wig Rare Magic Sword of Gallantry Rare Defender of the Gallant Rare Hammer of Conviction Rare Shield of Conviction Rare Marie Elle`s Helmet Rare Guild Beret Rare Captain`s Hat Very Rare Squire Gilbert Very Rare Gacha Fashion Beginner Box III Item Name Rarirty Momo Hairband Common Banker Knife Rare Hunter Sword Rare Paul Knife Rare Banker Rifle Rare Banker Shield Rare Hunter Gun Rare Compounder Gas Gun Rare Yuri Helmet Very Rare Banker Hat Very Rare Lovely Lorena Very Rare Gacha Pet Beginner Box Item Name Rarirty Squire Gilbert Common Little Paul Rare Little Yuri Rare Pocket Hunter Rare Handsome Tau Rare Stern Marie Elle Rare Gallant Stefano Rare Guild Intern Esther Rare Mischievous Chagan Rare Loan Officer Lisa Rare Shy Joey Rare Royal Rosetta Rare Spiker Tinnie Very Rare Lovely Lorena Very Rare Gacha Fashion Megalopolis Box I Item Name Rarirty Leviathan Sword Common Leviathan Shield Common Rachel's Spear Rare Macaron Shield Rare Vinosh Sword Rare Vinosh's Shield Rare Vinosh's Puppy Hat Very Rare Leviathan Hair Accessory Very Rare Rachel's Beret Very Rare Sassy Vinosh Very Rare Keeper Rachel Very Rare Leviathan Very Rare Gacha Fashion Megalopolis Box II Item Name Rarirty Panther Blade Common Panther Shield Common Eltron Shield Common Eltron Headband Rare Eltron Espada Rare Hard Luck Hammer Rare Trumps-All Shield Rare Dealer`s Topper Very Rare Lethos Very Rare Rosaspina Very Rare Card Master Taniel Very Rare Gacha Fashion Megalopolis Box III Item Name Rarirty Skull Guard Common Skull Blade Common Swashbuckler`s Buckler Rare Swashbuckler`s Saber Rare Chronos Shield Rare Chronos Rifle Rare Chronos Halberd Rare Skull Hair Pin Very Rare Swashbuckler`s Hat Very Rare Chronos Chapeau Very Rare Apprentice Eclipse Very Rare Boxer Jeanne Very Rare La Vida Very Rare Gacha Fashion Megalopolis Box IV Item Name Rarirty Vigor Shield Common Vigor Blade Common Legendary Lotus Common Vigor Shield Rare Vigor Blade Rare Pia`s Casquette Hat Rare Time Keeper`s Shield Rare Time Keeper`s Hammer Rare Rosemary Tie Rare Hyena Sword Rare Flower Hammer Rare Sarah`s Hat Rare Vigor Cross Very Rare Hyena Hairband Very Rare Little Sarah Very Rare Master Louis Jr. Very Rare Time Keeper Pia Very Rare Haughty Rosemary Very Rare Gacha Fashion Oops Wharf Box I Item Name Rarirty Marion Hammer Common Marion Shield Common Hunter Yuna Shield Rare Hunter Yuna Hammer Rare Divine Spirit Shield Rare Divine Spirit Staff Rare Marion Hat Very Rare Hunter Yuna Hat Very Rare Divine Spirit Tiara Very Rare Secretary Marion Very Rare Hunter Yuna Very Rare Spirit of Nefertiti Very Rare Gacha Fashion Oops Wharf Box II Item Name Rarirty Portina's Shield Common Portina's Staff Common Card Girl`s Shield Rare Card Girl`s Hammer Rare Berry Cake Shield Rare Golden Spoon Rare Portina's Headdress Very Rare Card Girl`s Wig Very Rare Baker`s Hat Very Rare Portina Very Rare Card Girl Very Rare Rosie Pastel Very Rare Gacha Fashion Oops Wharf Box III Item Name Rarirty Whistle Hammer Common Trainer`s Shield Common Diploma Stick Rare Diploma Shield Rare Pachi`s UFO Shield Rare Deep Space Hammer Rare Trainer`s Hat Very Rare Diploma Hair Katusa Very Rare Pachi`s Sombrero Very Rare Shara Very Rare Lovely Vinosh Very Rare Pessimistic Pachi Very Rare Gacha Fashion Oops Wharf Box IV Item Name Rarirty Silverwolf Kukuri Common Silverwolf Shield Common Clam Shell Shield Rare Coral Hammer Rare Magical Girl Shield Rare Sephira`s Staff Rare Ancient Shield Rare Ancient Sword Rare Silverwolf Head Very Rare Starfish Hairclip Very Rare Magical Girl Hat Very Rare Bastet Hat Very Rare Little Lycan Very Rare Mermaid Girl Marin Very Rare Magical Girl Sephira Very Rare Bastet Very Rare Images added by; Princess
  10. Server Rules

    Update: May 20, 2017 All reports must be formally posted here: Thank you so much for your cooperation and keeping LifeTO an enjoyable community!
  11. Patch Notes [2017-05-16]

    Yes, we raised the magic defense back to its previous stats.
  12. Patch Notes [2017-05-16]

    Yea, friend finder will still bypass it. But cheaters can be easily tracked when they use methods like that. We will kick them out of the map next time.
  13. Patcher Error

    Please download the game using the RAR mirror. Follow this link:!0AcC2aYD!z6B7X-KpVjLGk7VEmQZaOIFlYx6KN7zbz4I8qLnvxEw After downloading, extract the file into a folder and then run the patcher~
  14. Hey guys

    Welcome to LifeTO! Just like you, I am an old eTO guy who can't move on from this game. We hope you enjoy your stay here and if you need someone to blame, just blame Dante.
  15. The Universal PvP Guide

    I wonder how many days it took you to write all of these. Thanks for the great contribution! The guide is pinned!