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  1. Maintenance [2017-05-02]

    Bank error plz...
  2. Estoy en busca.

    Para el que quiera o necesite dinero, y que esa persona no pueda hacerlo desde su cuenta
  3. hola busco a alguien que sea responsable para full farmeo... interesados escriban al privado :3..!!! para mas informacion.!
  4. Server Maintenance [2017-04-20]

    an Market place is open?
  5. Patch Notes [2017-04-18]

    ty ray
  6. Server Maintenance [2017-04-16]

    Great everything !! Remember to fix the tapasco party quest bug. And more importantly the bank error
  7. Bank Error

    Hello everyone, I need help. Happens that I enter with my cat and I want to enter the bank and I get an exceptional error. And I can not get anything proven in several banks and nothing ... I need help.
  8. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    That is the problem I do not use discord. I do not want to sleep if not before raising my bunny level. Ray gives me good news at what time you open the server.
  9. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    Haha are two .. and I went to the bank went to do errands I went to a meeting I had at work and I'm at home lying down and clean my house. And here I am waiting for them to say that the server is ready is not fair .. able to occupy full and open the server and I will not be able to play
  10. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    patient? Do you know what it's like to be free and not be able to play? It's traumatic xD
  11. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    Ok I understand that it is already past 7:00 PM and it is almost 8:00 PM, I apologize for my insistence but at what time does the server open?
  12. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    Sorry for The problem
  13. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    I still do not understand this Okay, there are duplicators. Tones do what you have to do and ready without so much detour! It seems to me immature that they do not give a consious answer and it goes more than 12 hours in that and they have not given us a clear answer. Take letters in the matter as soon as possible, I in my free time I like to play .. !! And I think that too many, I do not want to disrespect but just as I want to play there are many, we work bn but fast.
  14. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    Can they give us a kind of response that if they open the server today or not? I really want to keep playing
  15. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    Imagine I always see 80 people online and will be "eliminated" that will lower the range of players a little. The important thing is that the server will be cleaned of all evil. It's not for nothing but I want to play now