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  1. Patch Notes [2017-03-12]

    Looking forward to this @Sky!
  2. Converting Galders to MyShop Points

    Looking forward to this! Hopefully the prices are good!
  3. Rates are not as good as I hoped

    What would be the quickest way to level up (and TM)? Alot of quests require drilling, key quests especially. Driller Pets may be great for higher levels, but I'm 50 now and I have barely any galders, my TM level is nearly 15 levels behind, and I want to know how you guys make it through the mid levels so fast. (And I hope the higher levels are less tedious)
  4. Rates are not as good as I hoped

    Thanks for the replies guys, I will give it just one more go and make a fox. Problem is I really really feel drill rates can be increase for a more enjoyable game. I spent 4 hours drilling at poppuri dungeon yesterday. It was horrible. I totally felt like quitting after experiencing that again. It was as bad as eTO. Drilling to me is still a major sell for Trickster Online, but if drill drop rates were like, drill and few items pop out, I would keep playing. But if the drill rates are really going to remain so grindy I don't feel like playing anymore.
  5. Hi Guys, I played a month before server shutdown. Rates were good, drops were good. But after the patch things were supposed to get better. Instead I'm stuck at Poppuri Dungeon drilling and drilling and killing and killing. Exp Rate is rubbish and so is the Drop and Drill Rate. I tried asking on discord if this is expected, but got no response so I am asking here. I basically am disappointed at the rates, I really hoped they would be good so I could spend less time getting to the end content.
  6. Official Reopening Date

    Hi Sky~ Thanks for the update! Really looking forward to the reopening! I feel all the new things to be launched are great additions! I personally am in the "I hate drilling" bandwagon~ But at the same time I get Khloe's point! Though I feel, so far the community here isn't as competitive as Khloe makes it out to be. One reason I enjoyed trickster in the old days (lol) was that it wasn't so grindy, and the people I played with were a hell of a lot more laid back than when playing RO. So nurturing that side of the community would probably be for the best. When it comes to it, many games have overtaken Trickster in terms of gameplay, graphics, etc. and the thing that keeps us here, really, more than anything else is nostalgia. A chance to keep reliving a part of our younger selves. As long as the game keeps being entertaining, and the community is great, I have high hopes for LifeTO!
  7. Gender Variant Classes

    OH CRAP! I posted in the wrong subforum! MOD can we please move the topic? Or if not possible maybe delete it~ Sorry! One pet peeve I have with Trickster are the gender locked classes. It would be a subtle change which should not take too much effort to implement a sprite change NPC (which technically should not break much of the game logic, though skills need to be properly tagged to sprite) The main headgear and tail would remain class specific, so maybe Dragon character sprite but with Sheep Horns and Tail (which are equipment anyway so not much would be needed to be changed coding wise) Would love to finally play a Cat as a male. What do you guys think?