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  1. Important Announcement

    by any chance In 3. Fix for all confirmed bugs, it is include below phenomenon? "If there are more than 250 items with inventory , will the character pause" Phenomenon fix ?
  2. Patch Notes [2017-06-07]

    Ahh.... I can't help it if Idon't Quest is full, Then conversation npc cancled it. I felt uncomfortable :(
  3. Patch Notes [2017-06-07]

    Awsome! Please increase the amount of acceptable quests. 6→ minimum 12 + Thanks!
  4. My type is light dragon. 16 Guardian quest very hard addax of 11 guardian Attack each other,can not kill on 5 minute If to kill 3 addax at once, can not Masic attack because of "Entrancing wink" skill What sould i do :(
  5. Patch Notes [2017-04-22]

    Thank you for your effort. Realy thanks! By any chance Would you mind making this up? a "V"check button on the Lifeto panel site: < Online Bank> . Item moving at once
  6. Patch Notes [2017-04-22]

    please Create a "V"check button on the < Online Bank> item. and moving at once. it is to troublesome one by one click...
  7. Server Maintenance [2017-04-16]

    By any chance... fox skill "shuriken strike" damege bug fix it? and.. I wonder if it's hard to fix.
  8. Download and Install LifeTO!

    oh oh good . But.. I want ask to How remove Game account ? I made Account wrong... :(
  9. 안녕하세용

    안녕학세용 잘부탁드립니당