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  1. No more...

    Stop it, man. I think the guy already gave up on the server. Im 90% sure of this already. Its time to accept the fact and move on. Whatever his reasons, we just have to respect it. Im ready to be corrected by him anytime, saying "hey, just being busy ya know", im honestly waiting for that to happen. No signs of him tho, not even his shadow. Maybe he doesnt wanna show up for now. Maybe hes one of those "guest" viewing the forums. Its almost a week now.
  2. No more...

    Already asked him that in my other post. Guessed he doesnt have the time to reply. I assumed he have no team now coz hes currently looking for one. He may have been busy and i guess we are not on his priorities list right now. So with that thinking, i had put sorinro, heck even other ro, down my priorities list too and focused on my life for a while. Yeah still here, just waiting whatever the outcome will be.
  3. Upcoming Updates

    The first two are like the settings of SolaceRO.
  4. My Set of Suggestions

    Thanks for that firespawn. Let's wait for his response.
  5. My Set of Suggestions

    Thanks for the input Meruem. Now let's wait for Lynx to reply.
  6. My Set of Suggestions

    This MIGHT be my final set of suggestions to help our server. The server that we waited for so long. The server you planned for almost a year. The server we called our home. This will be a long post so I ask for your patience in reading this. Without further ado, here goes. Floating Rates We shouldn't stick to x1 now that we knew only few people appreciate it and few can only bear it. I think the rates are one of the reason people won't play in it. That's reality. I think it should be x1.5~x3 floating rates that changes every 8hrs. These rates alone can attract lots of players. Now the problem comes, how about weekend bonus? You can just completely remove it or make it from 20% to 50% that goes along with the floating rates. Since it will be x2 on weekends, its OK if you will not implement the floating rates during these days to avoid players be only active on weekends but its still up to you, its your call. Another one would be the costumes and exp rings. I think they're not really a problem when mixed together with the rates. So what if people get more exp than the others, its their edge. Plus, I think this will give more value to the costumes now more than ever. Remember, we are not sticking on x1 now. With this rates, you will expect more people to play now. Cash Shop Now that you added BM and BBG, why not add the rest exp/drop increasing items? Another reality that we faced here is that no matter what we do, the term P2W will not be remove on cash shop. People nowadays expect these items on cash shop of every server they play and the lack of these in our cash shop is another reason people don't play here or quit playing. So what if you are one step ahead of others, that's a perk of a donator. Plus, they are just exp/drop increasing items, unless you put godly weapons on cash shop. Now thats really P2W. Btw, the Donation Item Suggestion Thread is getting buried, people stop suggesting. You gotta do something about it, I guess. StoryMode Quests People fall on the routine of grinding, hunting, leveling. Eventually, with the content they are waiting for not being here yet, they tend to get lazy and lazy and then stop playing. So I suggest adding something that make people crave for it. You said its a role playing server, then make it really a role playing one. StoryMode Quests that updates every month but not completely remove its previous NPC so that people who just joined can still catch up and people who just love the story can re-play it again specially if this StoryMode Quest having many branching paths to choose from. The rewards are simple, not too OP. It can be loots, zennies, items like the ones that you can find in every mini quests inside the game itself. The story itself is a reward, in my opinion. This will give a goal to people and not just fall on that deadly routine. GM/HM Events Enough with hiding around the corner. People need to see you guys once in a while. Add that with simple events like hide-and-seek, Question and Answer, or summoning monsters in town to be hunted by players, then you will have an active community. Active GM/HM In-Game+Forums+FB Page and Group This is more of a rant first then followed by a suggestion. With the recent happenings these past few weeks, there was little to no appearance of the DEV team. People felt neglected and abbandoned. No HM controlling the players in game. Flooding chats, pubbing advertisements of other servers, badmouthing others,etc etc. Questions being answered late here in the forums and continues fighting and advertising of other server in our group. I thought our fb group have some approval system before a post is being posted in our group. If theres one, who the heck let those irritating posts in the group? And if not, its a mistake specially now because of the state of our server. Specially the recent major lag we felt and everyone got DC. We expected someone from your team to show up immediately to explain to us the situation but sadly, no one appeared. Everyone were in a state of mass confusion that time. We need active HMs. I got some info that even though theres sometime an HM in game, he/she is just afk. And I think thats a fact coz most on the time, when I asked for help using the NPC, I dont receive an answer at all. So in order to avoid thinking that youre the only one working behind the scenes and that everybody left you, we need active people to watch over us and guide us. Advertising I think little to no advertising was done at all. If there was, I cant even remember it now. See, thats the problem. So you cant really expect many players to come with few advertising. Some like and share like I suggested before, headgears or items you get when you share this, share that. Share some memes, videos, oh our video. Where is it? We need to follow whats trending now, we need to do what the other servers are doing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can add more but I think these suggestions are enough for the moment. These are the core suggestions that you need to help the server. In fact, some of these suggestions were from the guys who originally suggested them but I guess ignored so I put them up here and refined them a bit. Added few of my own words in them. We faced reality with whats happening on our server so enough sticking with our system, its not working the way we want it. Enough with the drama. We need a solution. Sometimes, its ok to tell to us whats the real deal of the server. Is it really going well? Do you still have your team? I still believe in you @Neffletics. I know youre sick of people tagging you everywhere here in forums and in fb group, dont worry as this might be the last from me. Personally, I made a sort of deal with myself. A checklist. That if nothing change for a month and the situation gets worse and worse, I will quit. Maybe find another server, or go where my friend is currently playing, a renewal server, or just totally quit playing RO and stick with my life now. Goodluck with the server, and goodluck to you, sir. I will still play on it and observe it for a month like I said. -Pride
  7. Sudden population drop

    for some reason, i think their excuse would be like the excuses of political ppl in our country. when cornered, they suddenly get sick or have a very serious disease whatsoever.. here, maybe someone is off duty or taking a leave or taking a vacation, having a meeting, etc ,etc That everything was just a coincidence.. so sorry to blurt out all my thoughts..
  8. Sudden population drop

    I hate to be the one to post this comment but here goes... Where are the DEVs? Its like for more than 24hrs no news from them? No response whatsoever. The FB group is a bit flooded with people quarreling about leaving, posting RIP and saying goodbyes and no moves from DEVS. No HMs also in game. Did they... no.. Tagging the DEVS/GM/HM i know @Neffletics @Setsukiyie @rycco @Milk Give us an info on the situation please.
  9. Sudden population drop

    event was cancelled
  10. Sudden population drop

    luck runs in ur veins
  11. Sudden population drop

    shit i literally did that just now in my office ahhahaha
  12. Costume ticket

    yeah i dont mind the rates too. as long as we get more ppl.. im addicted to low rate.. i want the items and lvls to be hard to obtain
  13. Costume ticket

    i honestly think this is a good suggestion. i want that costume ticket. 3/1/1? how bout 2/2/1
  14. Sudden population drop

    I face reality any day when the server im playing is dying. I deeply agree with dmding, all his words are true. Since he said everything i wanna say, i will just add a few more. Even tho the server is dying, idk why i still keep playing on it. Still waiting for an update. And still hoping for a tomorrow that its still there. Maybe its because the management, the devs that u cant find on other server. Their efforts. Their plans and dreams on this server. Maybe. So u saying now that if this one go down, u will not make another one and stick with real life? i guess i'll be staying till the end, then..I just hope that end is still far. Im staying, hoping.