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  1. Temos um guia para isso! https://board.ssigames.co/index.php?/topic/355-daily-quest-guide/ Simplesmente vá a um NPC de Daily Quest e pegue os itens requeridos, você poderá fazer uma vez por dia cada uma.
  2. Hey, Acesse http://panel.lifeto.co/login e coloque suas credenciais (master account). Acesse a tela "Account management" pelo menu lateral. Será exibido uma lista contendo todas as contas secundárias criadas por você. Na respectiva conta, clique em "Change password" e informe os novos dados. Espero ter ajudado.
  3. Free 185 Stones :D

    :o IGN: Xyhr - 9 LK 185 Stones
  4. Desculpe a demora para responder, @lumina! A previsão de reabertura do LifeTO é hoje! XD
  5. Download and Install LifeTO!

    I'd like to now this as well. I just opened the patcher and downloaded some files, bu I don't know if it's enough. @Sky, @Raymonf?!
  6. Cant Login anymore

    Ok, then. I'll lock the thread.
  7. Cant Login anymore

    Are you trying to log in with your Master Account or your Game Account?
  8. Hello, squirrel friends!

    Welcome to SSI Games! Join a guild in the game so you can talk to many people. As you're Brazilian: Aqui no fórum temos uma área destinada aos jogadores portugueses e brasileiros, então sinta-se à vontade de participar (mesmo não sendo ativa a comunidade br).
  9. Harkon Sanctuary

    "Eclipse only shows up between 21:00 and 21:20 or until the Harkon Sanctuary falls." The time depends on your time zone and have completed the her previous quests (and of course, use the skill Mind's Eye).
  10. @Raymonf Critical Metal 50, Block Metal 50, Fire R Crystal 50 and Soil R Crystal 50 are very difficult to get. I took more than 5 hours to complete with one of my characters. As they are items for low level equipment, I think it'd be good increasing their drop rates.
  11. Any Guilds that are really active?

    There are two guilds that I see very often, one is Royalty and the other one is Redemption (this one was mine for awhile ago). You can go to Megalopolis Guild Management and see the guild list from there or click on apply to guild in any player that you see that's from the guild listed above. You can also enter in the SSI Games's discord server. There are a lot of people there that will be happy to help you.
  12. hello

    Welcome to the LifeTO server! :)
  13. Hi

    Hi, welcome to the server. Enjoy your stay :)
  14. Lvl up Gift Box

    So, the question was answered. Locking the thread.
  15. Farewell letters drop rate

    I'll move this thread to the correct board and lock it.