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  1. Fox Shuriken Master Bug Scaling

    I'm new to foxes but Shuriken Master does seem to do kind of pathetic damage. A mastered Shuriken Master with lv 10 Precise Pitch is doing about 1/4 of the damage of Stone Strike, and it consumes items to boot. That said, DA and Throw AP definitelly have an effect, as I tested with different throwing items and different amounts of DA, and the damage does change. Chain of Knives, on the other hand, seem to do very good damage, so I imagine that's working properly.
  2. First Month Blessings

    Ugh, people always find the way to abuse these things immediately, don't they?
  3. First Month Blessings

    Distribute how? o.o Randomly throwing em around or something?
  4. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    The way I see if, if you find an exploit, you have to report it without making use of it more than what's necessary to even confirm it's an exploit. In this case that'd be maybe 2 or 3 times duping just to confirm it's repeatable and you have the right information to report it. Not to mention you still shouldn't be doing it with some important item of high value, and if you do, you should get rid of it. Any abuse is abuse, shouldn't matter if they reported it afterwards or not. I suppose if they say they regret it, and they didn't abuse it much, they could be given a second chance, but we don't need people who keep abusing exploits and then dodging the ban by reporting them after a while.
  5. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    It's a significant wait, but worth it for a job well done. Better to be thorough and precise with this kinda thing. I'm glad this is how things are handled around here.
  6. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    Well, they apparently kept track of thousands of duplications, so I'd imagine the logs they have are pretty extensive.
  7. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    If they have some log of every transaction, they could simply give back whatever they paid for em. But otherwise, yeah, it's a tough call. Either the market or some individual players, something is gonna suffer.
  8. Server Maintenance [2017-03-29]

    Out of curiosity, aside from amount of items, what kinda stuff were they duplicating?
  9. compound master

    Yeah, nobody seems to know for certain, which seems weird considering people have cracked open this game to read how it works internally. It is a mystery.
  10. Thanks! Works wonders
  11. This is flipping fantastic If anyone finds a way to do it on Firefox, I'd be very grateful. For the moment I'm using Chrome exclusively for this.
  12. compound master

    I'm also wondering this. The skill description specifically mentions "maturing compound", so it's very confusing.
  13. Patch Notes [2017-03-21]

    The Newbie Sprint from the lv 40 box requires lv 80, apparently. Is this intended? Cause if so, it seems kinda silly o.o
  14. 2nd Job Quest Help

    Well I still have invisible Megalo Pouches, lol.
  15. 2nd Job Quest Help

    Same thing happens opening the lvl 20 one, and I noticed there's a Megalo Pouch in the online item bank that I can't see in-game. I'm guessing the items are invisible in the inventory, somehow. Perhaps you should check the online item bank and see if there's anything there that you don't see in-game.