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  1. Important Announcement

    Even "bad news" sounds good when you deliver them in all honesty. Thanks, you two. Though, I think I can only help with bug tests as of now (something that I used to do and earn a living from) as personal life commitments dissuade me from applying for the posts. Cheers.
  2. Server Maintenance [2017-06-??]

    Oooh, patch testers! Now you're talking. Hope we can sign up!
  3. Server Maintenance [2017-06-??]

    Woah, WOAH... Finally. :) But I really hope those files get synced well, especially the Chaos Tower ones. At least, we'll have alternatives to boss uniques. :) Though, good luck.
  4. 2nd Job Quest Help

    Louie is just mislocated. He is on the same map, hidden behind a pillar northwest of his original position. Hope these NPCs can be moved back to their original places. Too many of them are hidden from view.
  5. cant pay with paypal?

    Not able to log in to PayPal, or no prompt to do so, when you try? Hmmm... I don't think I can see PayPal from the options now. Ever tried using Cherry Credits, MOL (my preferred option, and will try to recharge next week) or Dragonpay (bank transfer)? If you're gonna try with bank transfer though, I suggest NOT going through that via BPI -- you may do so, though, at your own risk (for me, that includes cussing over the long wait, if you're dropping by one of their branches).
  6. Hey guys

    Is it, really? Missing the folks from ~Destiny~. Damn. Maybe that's the reason why I was quickly at home with the server economy (which was a lot more tamer than the uncontrolled eTO Jewelia one, but I missed it, too) and with some of the folks.
  7. Hey guys

    Hey!~ I wonder if I'll see some of my Fantasia pals here... Here's to more Trickster Online, and cheers to everybody.
  8. Just some questions regarding the server :)

    It'll be tough implementing this (but yeah, these new 2nd job skills are useful) -- but for the most part, many of those new 2nd and 3rd job skills are lumped together with Chaos Tower IIRC.
  9. My lion just broke

    You possibly have more than 256 items on your Lion. Try to store some items on the online bank, accessible from here: When you have stored enough items and you have an inventory count below 256, try to open your Lion again. Though I hope that this error won't occur in the future, and we can keep up to 300 items on our characters.
  10. Boss uniques

    Lucky folks, you all are. With 60 seals each character and 5 characters hunting Tut down every chance that I get (everyday), I still have no uniques. :P Now, maybe I'll stop if I get a GLS or two of them, but I might just start hunting Captain Skull if I don't obtain a unique weapon from that king mummy by next Friday.
  11. Patch Notes [2017-04-22]

    Hey man, this is good stuff, and works like a charm. :) Now THIS is a good "hotfix" served. (Note for everyone: that one's an exe file, you will need to do a few easy tricks for it to work well.)
  12. Patch Notes [2017-04-22]

    Apparently it's not just me who noticed that the client is sluggish after the recent patch. Oftentimes, just connecting to the game server is simply terrible (once yesterday, it took me 6 failures before I was able to connect), with such instances having at least one failure to connect. I think this can be sorted out. Good luck isolating issues for resolution, though. :)
  13. Patch Notes [2017-04-22]

    Fresh from reinstalling the client after seeing stuff here that the game failed to start due to errors -- and because my antivirus started to screw up again, even though I've put my Trickster folder onto every scan exceptions. However, this and an Exceptional Error end message screwed me up, right after patching the newly-reinstalled client. Any ideas? Yet another edit: Looks like the custom Setup file was the culprit, lol. I wonder when will that file be included in the next full client or patch?
  14. All-Day Maintenance [2017-04-17]

    By the way @Raymonf -- in before someone says you're trolling the rest: Title says "All-Day Maintenance [2016-04-17]" when it's 2017 now... Well, what the heck.
  15. Buffalo Skill Builds

    You may, but as an unfunded pure Buff who had to go stick a sword in Don Giuvanni's butt yesterday, I immediately learned Shockvibe -- and mastered it too -- right after mastering Berserker. Since I've got no useful elemental weapons yet (and no Water stones to use on my current Mermaid sword yet, too), I went with a Shockwave / Shockvibe / Berserker loop until he cried (and I never died inside that room, at level 101). I'd say add it as soon as you can within the 2nd job levels, maybe after learning one elemental offensive skill (like Earthquake Blade), but better right after mastering Piercing Wave, especially when you expect to get up close and personal against some normal enemies and bosses who hit hard, physically. Shockvibe may serve Buffs well in the 3rd Job Trials (it did, for me, back in my eTO days) -- but if you can survive nasty hitters, you can save Shockvibe for later, especially for Mercs who may not be able to OHKO pesky enemies, yet.