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  1. Gacha Boxes Content

    Why this shield is not included in Gacha Fashion Beginner Box III?
  2. Patch Notes [2017-05-22]

    Can you do the same for Dragon Ring? Exchange 3 Azhi the Drake for a Dragon Ring.
  3. Leveling System?

    Exp required to level up was reduced. For example, the EXP required for lv 199 to 200: Other trickster = 54M EXP LifeTO Trickster = 8M EXP That's why you level up so many lvs. The TM exp required was reduced too, but "my view" shows the wrong EXP required. Then your TM will level up before the TM exp bar reach 100%. Server Information: Quick Information: Pre-Chaos Tower Season 2 - Before the new Chaos Tower was implemented. Experience Rate - 4x Base | 4x TM Available Contents/Features: Client is available in English and Korean. Episode 1 - Episode 6 Quests are available Solo Boss Rooms until Soki - Level restrictions have been removed so even if you're already level 400, you can still enter Tutankhamen's trial. Higher Boss Unique Item Drop Rate No Driller Pets Galders can be converted to MyShop points through the panel. Click here Multiple game accounts in one master account. Click here Web Trading, sell your items online. Click here
  4. Item duplicate

    - I put 1 Pharaoh Hat in the Marketplace and nobody bought it. - The time has expired and i clicked to "cancel order". - Pharaoh Hat has returned to my online bank, and i put it again in the Marketplace. Then 2 pharaoh hats appeared. Market Links: http://panel.lifeto.co/marketplace-go/6258-033qusb9 http://panel.lifeto.co/marketplace-go/6257-xufrk2xb I hope the problem can be solved as soon as possible.