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  1. Hiring Forum and Social Media Moderators

    waah I would LOVE to draw entirely new ones
  2. Hello!

    So, I used to play trickster back in the day! Waaay back in the day, I was there about a year before season 2 launched! I made some friends, only one I still keep in touch due to life getting in the way, he will be playing with me again! It was also the year I really got into learning English for real, before Trickster I was basically a bunch of vocabulary without any real grammar... Anyways, I'm a weeb and need something fun to do besides watching anime during the Big Brazillian Recession where it isn't just the millennials who can't get a job!
  3. No email received

    I can't activate my account because I didn't receive the activation e-mail and the link says they can't send another because there has been too many attempts already. What should I do?