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  1. List of new things from OG Trickster?

    Thanks for the informative reply! Do you have a level-up & galder guide I can adhere to? I'm currently at level 105 right now, can't wait to get to 3rd job.
  2. Server delay?

    That's really unfortunate, but atleast it's bearable...
  3. B>Whale Jawbone/Mermaid stickers

    Need it for quests. Drilling is hell in Mermaid Palace :(
  4. I have a couple of things to ask in regards to what is new in this server compared to the original eTO: 1. What are the exp/tm rates? Drop rates? 2. Anything different with drilling? (I've seen nothing new so far except the increased drop rate for sure) 3. Is there an offline exp system of some sort? I remember my TM level was at 49 before I stopped a few hours ago. Came back on, now it's at 50. What gives? Lol 4. Any new quests/anything different quest-wise? 5. Just how active is this server? So far I've seen only a handful of players. Not that it'll matter that much, I was just really surprised to see Megalopolis absolutely empty lmao. I've never had this happen in all my years of playing Trickster before. That's all for now. I've only just started a few hours ago, and I am currently at level 61 and TM 50. I used to have a level 230+ Lion way back and it's great having all this nostalgia surge in.
  5. Server delay?

    I'm experiencing a little delay when playing the game, is there a command to show the ping? I live in SEA and I'm assuming the servers are somewhere in NA. Would really like to get this issue resolved, the lag is ruining the nostalgia experience a bit.