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  1. Hello c:

  2. down?

    @Raymonf Please help, I'm not good with this stuff
  3. Some keys on my keyboard don't work.

    Try holding 'Fn' while pressing one of the keys and see if it works~ I'm sure its your laptops keyboard and not trickster. Try googling it. I used to have this problem and I had to go into my system to turn them off/on so they dont do laptop things
  4. Drilling needs to be fix

    Sky has said before that he doesn't wanna make this game too easy.. So I'm pretty positive that they wont increase the drop rate for drilling.
  5. Corvid Box Accessory

    Yes, the character boxes have their accessories. Its just this one box.
  6. Does LK no longer affect comping?

    I believe that it helps a little bit, considering that I usually get decent comps with decent LK... but its still mostly based off irl luck, sadly.
  7. Corvid Box Accessory

    @Sky @Raymonf I think its a good idea to give accessories out to people who bought a lot of boxes. Like say 1 accessory for every 20 boxes opened. Just an example~
  8. Hey guys

    Welcome~ Glad to have you here
  9. 2nd Job Quest Help

    I hope they fix it too, it sucks how we're forced to have them sit in our inventory since you cant sell them :c
  10. LF > Guild

    Hello! Welcome! I recommend Royalty (I dont know about Firefly or the others) We're eventually planning on getting together to boss hunt (especially at Spicy, so it sounds perfect for you) We are also very active in our Discord. We'd love to have you <3
  11. 2nd Job Quest Help

    Yes they are broken, pretty sure sky and ray already know about it. Real question is though.. why do you have 4? XD
  12. Hologram Port

    What quest is this for? Desert Beach? If so, you dont rly need it. If its for something like episode 3 then you will probably have to ask raymonf to give you one manually. (I think this is named differently so if its desert beach then you should be fine, you dont really need it to continue in your quests.)
  13. Discord Mod Application

    no abusive mod plez
  14. Black x Green x White elixir

    They're used for compounding your equipment! To help increase the stat you get through comping. They're prob about 500k ea? I'm not totally sure..