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  1. Where is the server located?

    Any approximate time period when this might be happening? I know it's never really certain, but are we talking weeks or months?
  2. Where is the server located?

    Are there any specific things that need testing? I don't really feel like playing the game seriously as it's a testing phase and progress will be gone, but if I had a goal it would be a bit more interesting.
  3. Where is the server located?

    I've been playing a ton of online games in the past and given my crappy location I always suffer from games lagging for me. I played the old trickster on release, I played a different private Trickster server and today I tried this server and it's the first time I experienced this game without any lag, for the first time I actually felt it the way it's meant to be played. So I had two questions mainly, where is the server located(just the country name), so that I'd know whether it's anything to do with distance, because if it's not the distance then the next question is the real problem. If you guys get bigger over time, will the servers still handle it and continue being this smooth? I would be very interested in continuing to play on this server once you get out of the test phase if it keeps being this smooth and nice for me.