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  1. Server Advertisements

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any social media... also spend 15$ on Facebook paid advertising, it will do wonders. Had done this before for my business page.
  2. Hello! Tragic here!

    Sounds great! I will friend you later when i get on. Mods say server should be restored early September so that's good. And omg... I have skipped all of the key quests so far rofl >.< and yet i was so curious why i feel so behind... i'm so used to the pre-revo grindy style play. Starting from zero today when i'm back from work. LOL.
  3. Hello! Tragic here!

    Welcome ^^ This server should be a fun ride once it takes off, its different from the rest. Also seen you on the server several times now, we should play sometime!
  4. Important Announcement

    Its a "test" server so any progress made in it may be in vain, it would have to be wiped to keep things fair and consistent.
  5. Important Announcement

    With the amount of ambition and passion involved and a great looking server btw! If there's the least i can do to aid with you and your team's progression i would be happy to donate towards this project. You guys are going a long way for everyone including me and i have yet to feel old for Trickster any time soon!
  6. Returning old mon here

    Hey everyone, Dimsum here! formerly known as RockLee3, dark lord dragon from the depths of eTO LOLL funny you may ask i have the slightest idea why out of all names i gave my main that one but Naruto was the craze and i was 13? then i found Trickster and had to be both i guess so no coincidence in that rofl I remember spending man hours, days, no sleep 24hr booster grinds in Tap fields pulled them all nighters playing the original eTO (screw you Ntreev taking away social life) back then this was the original cocaine drug, the mesiah, the 2nd coming, it was the butter to the bread. Having tried games like Blade & Soul, Black Desert, many hours spent on Phantasy Star Online its no longer the same but now however seeing all the new and familiar faces here i hope to spend some good quality time in this sweet looking server and also hope to play again with everyone else on here. Cheers