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  1. The test server is live!

    They said on the 2nd week of next month (September) I read somewhere, its 11 September By the way, what is there to 'Test' anyway? theres nothing different than other servers.. other than 'Unlimited MyShop' and bugs here & there.. they never ask to report bugs, just straight 'Official Launch'.. lol
  2. Hello! Tragic here!

    Yeah.. Season 2 TricksterOnline is all about quests all the grind spots from Season 1 actually "disappeared" (low exp / monster changed / loot changed).. I actually have no idea where to get Galders when the server officially launched lol.. (right now, with free MyShop = buy Booster Bracer set with Ressurection Scroll = sell to NPC = 25k Galders each = 10 pcs = 250k Galders per set) good luck with new character! I actually sold an Key-Quest-Item to NPC.. had to remake the character once too lolz
  3. Important Announcement

    I really wanted to "test" that "custom" stuffs.. which is unique to Life TO (Custom NPC? System? Item? etc.) Because there is a good chance it will be bugged and exploited secretly, which cause unfairness (which often happen to new servers, various private server games)
  4. Hello! Tragic here!

    Sure! but let's do that when its officially launched XD anyway, the Key Quest-Related really give tons of experience lol.. I'm lv. 219 and I just starting Snow Hill's Key Quest (Lv.160 to start? lol) only been doing Key Quests, haven't touched Episode Quests because doing that the second time (when Official Launch) will be boring hahah..
  5. Important Announcement

    Question.. on the 2nd week of September = server wiped? fresh start? I heard there will be custom stuffs to be updated / included? not going to be implemented in Beta Period? straight to Official Launch? kind of worried about bugs / exploits because new stuffs not necessarily stable..
  6. Server Advertisements

    Personally, I found this server from YouTube. I searched "Trickster Online" because wanted to see Boss-Kill videos, and found Life Trickster Online! Usually, active private servers had their YouTube as often as they can (from Daily to Weekly, not necessarily have to be Over-The-Top video.. simple ones that shows the server is alive, with players and updates). Well, I always check YouTube and tick "This Week" or "This Month" for potential private servers (lots of games, RO etc.).
  7. Hello! Tragic here!

    Hello everyone! My IGN is Tragic (originally Sorr0w on eTO Official Server, but seems it got taken already lol) I'm from Malaysia (using GMT+8), surprisingly it didn't lag / delay at all! I'm having much fun on Open Beta! (unlimited MyShop lol) Hope it will still be as good when Life Trickster Online officially launched! thanks!