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  1. Playing Starbound after a long day of trickster online. Gotta say, it's been a really long time since I've played starbound. (happy)

    1. zero02mmx


      I'd do that, too, if only my chipset would support OpenGL 2.0 -- but sadly, it can only deal with 1.4. Buying a new dedicated graphics card ain't an option, as I'm considering a new Skylake-based machine within two months.

  2. 2nd Job Quest Help

    Oh!! thank you very much! I wasn't thinking about that ^^ I'll move them there until they get this fixed. Thank you very much for letting me know!
  3. 2nd Job Quest Help

    Due to the fact I had pulled them from all my characters. Dumb move on my part but i'm glad they know! I hope they fix it soon Thank you for this confirmation Nessie!
  4. 2nd Job Quest Help

    I dunno if any other players have had this issue, and I'm unsure of whether or not I'm putting this in the right place but...It seems the Level 20 Box is currently broken. Every time I try to open it? It gives me an " UnknownError". I can't drop it, and I can't sell it so..I'm not quite sure what to do. Perhaps this is a bug?
  5. Work keeps consuming my life and soul (grr) But at least I got my About me all updated and such. Hurray? Maybe I can actually try to stay active again! (ehhh)

    1. Sky


      /sob I know how it feel! 

  6. Super excited knowing LifeTO is coming back~ Can't wait to remake my characters! /e5

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    3. Sky



    4. Minx


      you two are dorks lol. :D but that's what makes everything fun! (mooneye)