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  1. LF > Guild

    Hahaha Anthony was the guild leader we share the same birthday 😂 I still have him on Facebook. He is a great guy and cares a lot. He was either at tap doing the cf quest or killing tut LOL ^ ^ so excited to see you again.
  2. LF > Guild

    Hiiii not sure I remember your name I'm Avikash from Checkmate the sub master of the guild in Eto Ruby (Choastime) hahaha nice to see a fello member here!! Hopefully I'm remembered 😭 Welcome to Lifeto
  3. All of them looks 10/10 but for my 6 and 7 stood out :D
  4. Firelad is back!

    <3 Welcome back!!!
  5. Server Maintenance [2016-10-03]

    Thanks for the hard work :P
  6. Server Advertisements

    Definitely agree, the cost isn't that much given how many people watch animes/dramas these days. With a couple good art designs and this, it could go a long way. This idea too <3 Could try posting it on google search under some common search tags
  7. 2nd Job Quest Help

    Have you tried restarting the quest? If that doesn't work I think raymonf could get the item back for you.
  8. Server Maintenance [2016-09-20]

    Thanks for the heads up <3
  9. Hi guys.

    Welcome to Lifeto!! :P We should play sometime haha.
  10. LifeTO's Myshop Guide

    Awesome guide :D love how organized and detailed it is. Helped me make a list of what to get.
  11. Level Requirement for Bosses

    Tut and Tombeth didn't receive that patch. I've talked with @Raymonf and he will do an emergency maintenance later in couple days regarding this issue.
  12. Patch Notes [2016-09-04]

    @Aura You can finally upgrade your gears :D Love the spicy addition and the no level limit on bosses.
  13. Post-Maintenance Event

    You know it. Hahaha sooo nice, free gm certificates :P
  14. Post-Maintenance Event

    @Raymonf <3 THANK YOU!!!
  15. Daily quest guide

    Awesome Guide!!