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  1. Patch Notes [2017-06-07]

    Same with Harvest Glasses. edit: never mind? I clicked on check files and it went to 932 days. I guess that's the fix
  2. Sprint in marketplace

    Makes sense. I had a feeling it was probably intentional but I thought I would ask anyways. Hopefully they implement a kitty sprint soon for non beta users!
  3. Sprint in marketplace

    Hey, I want to give a friend one of my kitty earrings. The player didn't play in OBT and, obviously, didn't get any sprint boxes, so I wanted to give him an extra one that I don't need. ANYWAY, are the sprints disabled on the marketplace? Because I can't find it in my inventory. Picture from online bank, where it's clear I have 2 more boxes of sprints and one kitty earring. Picture of the same character's inventory in the marketplace. Player's ign is Cuddle, if that matters. *It's not the case where myshop can't be sold, because I see a Rose Manteau available to be bought in the marketplace.
  4. Official Reopening Date

    Hooray! Keep up the great work. I also agree with making driller pets hard to get if you're going to make them available in game. If you're going to make an essential, tedious function of the game require no thought or labor, you might as well let the player work for days/weeks to obtain it. That's how I think it should be anyways, since LifeTO isn't pay to win.
  5. LifeTO's Myshop Guide

    Ahh, I see that. Isn't the server closed/closing soon for updates though? I'll fix them when it will be useful and when more stuff will be implemented. No use in updating a closed server's guide. Thanks though
  6. Hello, squirrel friends!

    WOW, finally, another person who actually watches this show. I don't usually reply to introduction threads but ooooooohhh I SHOOOK Dunno if you've already watched the season 2 all stars but I stopped playing for a bit, waiting for that huge November patch.. ha I'm Elysena/Stars in game and I hope to see you there when we get that update.
  7. Exchange has been cancelled

    Uhh... What? I thought the upgrade was free. "Hastening Charm I, II, III's requirements have changed. All players are entitled to free exchange from Hastening Charm I to Hastening Charm III this coming weekend." Obviously the charms are already "free" in terms of not spending real money on them, but this makes it sound like it's literally, a free upgrade with no strings attached. If this is true, I wish they would have included that part.
  8. Problem

    did u read the patch notes
  9. LifeTO's Myshop Guide

    Neids definitely doesn't drop from worn maps 100% of the time. I'm not sure what the % is, but it's noticeably low from personal experience.. Drilling randomly for a poseidon's treasure @ gate of desert beach would probably be faster, honestly.
  10. LifeTO's Myshop Guide

    Sky's response, if any of you were curious.
  11. Patch Notes [2016-09-04]

    I'm wondering if Chaos Tower (newest @ Caballa field 1) will be implemented anytime soon?
  12. LifeTO's Myshop Guide

    I noticed that too... They're seemingly impossible to get but I distinctly remember getting a Neid from the worn maps quest, after like 30. But it could be my imagination; I was so used to it in eTO. I haven't tried after the update, but I will; I'll also ask Sky or Ray. Thanks for asking, those Sandman Cards really suck. x) Edit: I guess we're both clueless.. Unsure if discord people know either.
  13. LifeTO's Myshop Guide

    I literally didn't know what to do with this post so here you go.. tut and tomb boss trials. Subject Mask & Earrings are dropped by Seth. Apron is dropped by Addax at Coral Beach Cave. 500 Galder coupon is drilled or given as a quest reward.
  14. LifeTO's Myshop Guide

    Life TO MyShop Archive March 12, 2017: Spring Box Pet 120:
  15. Life TO's Custom Myshop Guide: Updated March 5, 2017. Hello. So since ggFTW will not load for most people, I've decided to make a reference/guide for the myshop in this server. Looking up what monsters drop what or how to get an item might be frustrating for a lot of people, so I wanted to create a thread that explains and shows players how to operate this system. Starting out Speak to Rosemary and click on "Try to Exchange". A list will then pop up with all the different MyShop equipment you can obtain by trading in different materials. Right-click on items on the list to see their stats, image, and compound slots. I will provide a screenshot of all the MyShop items below if you don't have access to Trickster. Items & Materials Now for the tedious hard work you must go through to obtain these equipment. I list MyShop items from Power>Magic>Sense>Charm, and I will list the materials and how to get them in a spoiler below each section. Good luck, and please leave suggestions on how to improve this guide. I'm a beta player, just like you; I am sure I missed things. ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head Accessories Hot Fry Pan 50: Power Type. Hot Kettle 50: Magic Type. Hot Tea Pot 50: Sense Type. Hot Pot 50: Charm Type. Hot Fry Pan 130: Power Type. Hot Kettle 130: Magic Type. Hot Tea Pot 130: Sense Type. Hot Pot 130: Charm Type. Materials for Lv. 50 Head Acc. Materials for Lv. 130 Head Acc. Masks Kitty Nose 30: Power Type. Oinker Nose 30: Magic Type. Pinocchio Nose 30: Sense Type. Clever Disguise Nose 30: Charm Type. Sweat Drop Mask (130): Power Type. Raspberry Mask (130): Magic Type. Big Smile Mask (130): Sense Type. Emo Mask (130): Charm Type. Materials for Lv. 30 Masks. Materials for Lv. 130 Masks. Pets [ ! ] The stat screenshots for the Crystal Pets are the ranges in their E1 form. I don't have screenshots for the stat ranges for E2, E3, or E4. Christian Crystal (50/80/110/140): Power Type. Shaman Girl Jia Crystal (50/80/110/140): Magic Type. Little Ringoo Crystal (50/80/110/140): Sense Type. Saya Crystal (50/80/110/140): Charm Type. White Snake Spirit Crystal (150/180/210/240): Power Type. Wisdom the Witch Crystal (150/180/210/240): Magic Type. Detective Sensibility (150/180/210/240): Sense Type. Rockstar Passion (150/180/210/240): Charm Type. Materials for Lv. 50 - 140 Crystal Pets. Materials for Lv. 150 - 240 Crystal Pets. Sprints Hastening Charm I (Lv. 80): All Types. Hastening Charm II (Lv. 150): All Types. Hastening Charm III (Lv. 230): All Types. Materials for Hastening Charms I, II, III. x