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  1. Server needs work

    Edit: so this is what happened. Skys on a business trip. That makes sense now. Raymonf do ur best while hes away ;)
  2. Farewell letters drop rate

    See my other post And yes boss etc drops are the same ad other mobs but treasure boxes = 50%ish
  3. Farewell letters drop rate

    Bosses drop the usual stuff plus boss boxes but uniques are inside the boss boxes. U can get ms stuff like repairs if u didnt get a eq. The rates are higher than eto. And keep the boss cards they are very valuable esp tut tomb skull atm
  4. Farewell letters drop rate

    Yes theres trials cT wont be added yet because its so easy to level if u just do key quests. I got to snowhill at lv 230 lol.
  5. Patch Notes [2016-10-03]

    CHarm 1 should be in her list, it is somewhere in the middle/top
  6. Best way to earn money for 3rd Job

    If u still need help, i can give you some funding in exchange for daily coupons :)
  7. Saturday Night Trickster

    Anytime on wednesday EST is ok for me :D
  8. Saturday Night Trickster

    What happens if we cannot make it on that time? Is it possible to exchange with you at another time during the weekdays or something?
  9. Patch Notes [2016-09-20]

    may i ask where is the pinochio nose exchange NPC? Edit: Found him. He is at snowmine, called vagabond eloy
  10. Exchange has been cancelled

    There will be an event this weekend when you can exchange your haste charm I for III straight away with just 90 coupons. Save your charm till then!
  11. spicy dragon Accessory quest not out?

    Raymonf u r too nice haha Thanks a lot. Very appreciated.
  12. Patch Notes [2016-09-21]

    @Xyhr @Raymonf thanks for fixing karan and tombeth. Time to farm compound wastes.
  13. Best way to earn money for 3rd Job

    300m is the depth i think. You can buy a PPD but i dont think it includes snowhill, tapasco or techichi. (or do card identification and sell the secret cards. )
  14. Best way to earn money for 3rd Job

    Hi Drilling at tapmine is a good source of $ when you are doing the harkon quest. Thats what i did.