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  1. I don't know anyone named Huey either. Whats up with that guy. i have my eyes on you
  2. Hide-and-Seek Boss Treasure drop

    Oooo community event, great idea! Hope it goes well and good luck to everyone participating I won't be able to attend, wont be home at those times
  3. It all depends how lucky you are. For some it can take under 20, for others it can take over 200. AND anywhere between or even more Best of luck!
  4. Checking in

    LOL voodoo magic galder stuff. We now have access to a working myshop. With an easy way to obtain myshop points by exchange galders for it. 1mil galders = 1k myshop points. Making it easier for everyone to get myshop without having to spend real life money or an eternity trying to get sandman cards haha Server feels completely different than it did before. Some things good, some things bad.
  5. Can't loging my account

    You have to many items in your characters inventory. Log onto and put things into your online bank until your character's item count is low. Try and keep your inventory under 250 to avoid this from happening again.
  6. down?

    Try this ~click~
  7. The Universal PvP Guide

    Nice guide, very informative. Good job
  8. Corvid Box Accessory

    Yes character boxes have accessories included in their boxes Corvid was different because the accessory was originally sold seperately and not included in the box
  9. Maintenance [2017-05-02]

    Looking forward to it, hope things go well!
  10. Login Background Creation Event Winners

    Congrats to the winners!!!! Good job everyone
  11. Corvid Box Accessory

    I've purchased quite a bit of boxes now too and still no accessory. Safe to assume the accessory is non-existant. EDIT: Ellie found out that the accessory was sold seperately and was not included in the box, problem solved.
  12. Does LK no longer affect comping?

    LK is the same as it originally was on any TO server. The LK stat is "SUPPOSE" to improve comping but most people have never believed this. Because you could have 1k LK and still get minimum values because its all RNG at the end of the day and depends how lucky you are irl rather than the stat. BUT after saying that, i still believe it does help somewhat and would still get LK things for comping just for possibly a higher chance see the game says its suppose to help
  13. Growth Vitamins not showing in myshop

    Unfortunately there isn't a way until the marketplace is back up, sorry. Hopefully its back up soon
  14. Selling items for money [Remilia]

    $10 paypal and you have yourself a deal!
  15. Nice entries, good luck to all of you! Will look forward to who the winner is, everyones entry is so nice. It'll be a tough one