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  1. Patch Notes [2017-05-22]

    Can we get a list of whats in the gacha boxes?
  2. Hotbar items moving on their own.

    I believe the starter potions are set in the slots until a certain lvl. I'm not sure from what lvl you can customize your hotbar, but it doesnt stay that way too long. By the time you get other skills, you'll be able to move them around.
  3. Maintenance [2017-05-02]

    Please dont forget the prizes for the Loading art contest Been waiting.
  4. Congrats to all the winners, and everyone who participated. It was a fun event
  5. Corvid Box Accessory

    I didn't spend a crazy amount (cuz im broke) but I didn't get an accessory either I bought 40k worth of corvid 220 boxes
  6. Does LK no longer affect comping?

    I never found any proof that the in-game LK affects your comping skills. Myself personally, I just get random comps. I found a video someone testing the comping rates using in-game LK from OG Trickster days.
  7. I believe the skill you're looking for is one of the new skills implemented, and we don't have it (I could be wrong though)
  8. All the entries look amazing Pat on the backs to the artists who spent time on their artwork!
  9. Login Background Creation Event

    Since the community vote counts, is it 1 vote per account? Or if people can vote as many times as they want, what's to stop them from making multiple accounts just to vote? And are the participants allowed to vote for themselves? Excited to vote
  10. All-Day Maintenance [2017-04-17]

    Thanks for your hard work guys, as always. We can always blame dante for everything.
  11. Login Background Creation Event

    Message you on forums? or discord? And do we need to insert the trickster/SSI logo ourselves or will you put that on your own?
  12. Login Background Creation Event

    I can't see it either
  13. Login Background Creation Event

    Just wondering if there is any kind of prize for the non-winners? Seems a bit sad for anyone who worked hard on their entry, who didnt win, get nothing. I would suggest some kind of prize for participating, as a token of appreciation (doesn't have to be anything nice, I think even the thought of giving everyone who participated would be nice) Unless troll entry, then they deserve nothing Just a suggestion. Kinda wondering about Khloe's question too, I think you guys need to be more specific on the term "originality"
  14. Ingame LK has nothing to do with comp rates. As for the error, I've also gotten the error when I tried to move MS gears from one account to another. Ok, so the marketplace allows MS gears to be tradeable as long as you put the item in ur bank first. weird.
  15. bunny ap

    Exactly, the low lvl MS gears are the same prices as the higher lvl ones. So its a waste of money to buy those low lvl MS stuff. Plus you dont need crazy hax stats until you want to PVP, since questing alone can get you to lvl 300 Personally, I wouldnt invest in a head/mask just yet until lvl 230, unless you have extra MS to spend