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  1. Any galder guide available?

    1. Phantom School Dungeon selling equips dropped from second floor, or drilling mine ores with a fox and crazy drilling. 2. 120 3. Portable Portable Deluxe. You can buy them from Item Girl in fiesta and they port you to some gates and megalo.
  2. List of new things from OG Trickster?

    For most people's first characters it's recommended to follow key quests as they give a ton of exp and you can get through the game pretty easily with the key quest equips. For galders people like to farm phantom school dungeon and npc the gloom equips. Another thing you can do is make a fox and drill in mines and sell the ores for galders, Dante has a good guide on that. Here's the guide for key quests: Dante's Fox Driller Guide:
  3. List of new things from OG Trickster?

    1. 4X Base | 4X TM, unsure of drop rates but they're pretty high as well. 2. No changes to drilling aside from the fact that there's no driller pets. 3. It could have been a visual error/glitch that made it appear that your tm was behind a level, and relogging fixed it. 4. Quests are also affected by the exp increase, so you'll notice that they will get you farther on this server than in others. Other than that they've added custom exchange npc's where you can exchange stuff for gacha boxes, talking pets, and 4G cards. 5. It's always been kind of small here. Megalo is usually empty and even more so after they implemented the online marketplace since with that there's no need to open shop in megalo. We usually have around 30-40 players online.
  4. Important Announcement

    Sad to see the main server go down once again, but I really admire your future plans. I will definitely play the test server once it's available.
  5. I can't play the game

    Can you take a screenshot of the error? s: all I can recommend for now is to run the launcher as admin and make sure your antivirus isn't deleting any of the files.
  6. ERROR

    Download this file and place it into your LifeTO/data/pet folder
  7. Messy Trash

    Actually it's the 5th anniversary event that got left over in our version I think... you won't be able to complete the quest cause the things don't drop. Just continue on with the rest of the episode quest :) Link for reference.
  8. Server Maintenance [2017-06-??]

    Hooray, a maint!
  9. 41eca0316a.png

    Praise Item Girl 4096cb4356.png

  10. Unable to run game at launcher

    You can usually fix this problem by running the launcher as admin, however if that doesn't work you'll need to sort out the exceptions in your antivirus. It could be windows defender or another antivirus. Try adding the whole LifeTO folder to the exceptions and restart your PC and see if that fixes the issue.
  11. Patch Notes [2017-06-07]

    I got the Harvest Ring from Azteca II but it's expired LOL
  12. I can't login

    Have you made in game accounts via the lifeTO panel?
  13. Server Maintenance [2017-06-07]

    Hooray! Thank you for the hard works as always.
  14. Gacha Boxes Content

    I only opened the Megalo I box but 2 of the 3 sets inside of it are invisible (Leviathan and Rachel set)
  15. Gacha Boxes Content

    would it be possible to add face accessories to these boxes? Unless they're in there and you forgot to list. Strawberry glasses should be in Gacha Fashion Oops Wharf Box II. Also can I suggest a separate box for mycamp stuff as well? (unless that's already in the boxes too)