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  1. ERROR

    Should move this to general discussion xD Didn't know people can post on the maintenance section loool
  2. xtra giuvanni's tear

    you can also trash them there too if you don't want them wasting space. I kept mine since some alts are harder to kill giuvanni
  3. Patch Notes [2017-05-16]

    Mmmm I see your point, but it's not true for this server. Look at the marketplace, for example, because everyone is farming the same thing... everything has depreciated in value. The only item that has inflated are spicy gear, soley because the devs made Spicy harder to kill. When the select few are not colluding to jack up prices, it's market competition. You don't normally see Adamantites selling for 500k or MS char box gear for 1K MS.
  4. Patch Notes [2017-05-16]

    What? Even if you don't have this, everyone is still farming phantom and shadow monsters to NPC equips for galders. What difference does it make if you make your money farming monsters or drilling ores? Everyone's still doing the same shit in the end.
  5. Patch Notes [2017-05-16]

    I don't think those who use friend finder would be considered cheaters... They're simply working smarter not harder. I do understand it is an exploit, but there are definitely better ways than increasing the lvl limit to tap mines and telling people you cant go there unless you're at the level requirement. 1) Change the price of ice cream drill to about 5 times the price - this drill is the reason why people drill farm (profits are much higher than costs) 2) Change level limit to ice cream drill, no low level needs to use ice cream drill. Flicker and Theifmon are great enough. It'll give people incentive to level their drillers to be able to use it. 3) [#1 Suggestion] Remove ice cream drill all together. Farming phantom/shadows/drill farming with flicker have about the same galder/hour rate. This allows two different styles to farming galders. 4) Change price of Friend finder, change level limit of friend finder. Not allowing people to use this farming method leads to lower level and new players to farm phantom school which is skirmish and we know many people who don't let others farm there. Also changing the level limit to 200, means new players need other means to farm for 3rd job. Personally, I say reduce the level limit back to 120 to allow those who need money for 3rd job to farm ores. Remove Ice Cream Drill. Change level limit to friend finder (because honestly, what else would you use it for if you can couple teleport to almost anywhere). -Edit- To those who think I'm saying this because I don't want the risk of being banned. My driller and my afker are lvl 200+. So these changes do not affect me at all. These suggestions are mainly for the other players.
  6. Patch Notes [2017-05-16]

    Sheep and Coon Boxes got removed too xD just not in patch notes. They're goign to have another update sometime this week (according to sky) annddd doesnt matter what lvl cap you put on Tap Mines. Friend Finder will still bypass it. @Sky @Raymonf
  7. Patch Notes [2017-05-16]

    Does this mean you raised the magic defense back to original amount? Since this means only mages would be able to kill Spicy :o
  8. 2nd Job Quest Help

    if you can get to 120+ with myshop gear (preferably 130 because of the MS equipment lvls). If you can find people to afk mine pqs for you, you can get from 120/130 - 200 in like an hour.
  9. Watch one of these videos for a quick example of what this guide will allow you to do! Quest Drilling (For Trash) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Li8J5NBN2k Tap Mine Farming (For Galders) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbZqeN_b3IU About Me: Hello! I'm Dante! My PC is dead, so I decided to make this guide on my GF's Laptop xD. This style of drilling was a found upon due to my laziness and experimentation to try and make gaming easier for me. We all have busy lives, so I wanted to share with you how to get drill quest items quick and how to make a lot of money quick so you can enjoy and reminiscence about the game I know and love since I was a kid! DRILLING IS LOVE! DRILLING IS LIFE! What You'll Need: Lvl 60 / TM 80 NON-PURE DA Fox [This will be your Driller] Lvl 30 Male Char [This will be your Hubby - Used as an afker for couples teleport] Flicker Drill or Ice Cream Drill [Flicker = 30s Crazy Drill, Ice Cream = 66s Crazy Drill] (credit to guild mate Ains for Ice Cream Drill) Plenty PPDs or Paradise Wings Additional Needs for Tap Mine Drill Farming Lvl 200+ Fox [Capable of getting into Tap mines] [Must be 200, due to bannable for being in tap mines if youre not at lvl requirement] WT Pouch - Carry all the ores to NPC Marriage [Necessary for Couples Teleport] Requirements: Both chars to be at least Lvl 30 Talk to Kyu at Event Garden, once you're both Lvl 30 and start "Dating" After: First you need to couple a character of the opposite gender and gather Love Points through PQs, MQs, Memos or just spending time with your spouse in a party. Once you've gathered enough Love Points you will get notified through an in-game notification system and your My View window will start flashing. http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Wedding.html Fox Skills Quest Skill Crazy Drill - The skill that makes you not dread drilling <3 To Obtain: http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Driller_Marky_-_Crazy_Drilling!.html http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Indiana_John_-_Acquire_Rare_Artifacts.html http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Explorer_Reina_-_Driller_Master_Test.html Archaeologist [1st Job] Sixth Sense (Lvl 10) - Prerequisite Invincible Drill (Lvl 1) - Prerequisite Basic Detection (Lvl 1 or Lvl 10) - Used to find items at Desert to build 1 Stress Point at a time before crazy drilling Anger Management (MASTER) - Absolutely need to be able to get 3-4 Stress Points when you find nothing. Build your Crazy Drill faster! Heavy Carrier (Optional) Explorer [2nd Job] Item Detection (Lvl 10 or Master) - I recommend mastering because longer time and allows you to see items on floor with less base DA Mega Crazy Drilling (Master) - 66% Increase time for Crazy Drill <3 How To Drill Efficiently: Have your husband be at the location you want to drill at. Build Stress Points at desert beach Don't Find an Item: 3 Stress Points [Sometimes 4] Find an Item: 1 Stress Point [Sometimes 2] Make sure you don't over build your stress points or you'll end up wasting your crazy drill and drill life at Desert! (unless you wanted to do it there loool) Couple teleport to hubby Item detect to allow you to perfectly know where to crazy drill Drill the last bits until you activate crazy drill and go nuts :) PPD to Gate of Desert or Wing to Paradise Rinse and Repeat
  10. Patch Notes [2017-04-22]

    This is not necessarily the fix you want, but if you use the guide, it doesn't refresh the page every time you deposit/withdraw
  11. Server Maintenance [2017-04-22]

    ray said 2 hours
  12. Boss uniques

    Yeah Random Number Generator (RNG) boxes... some players are incredibly lucky and get multiple uniques within 20-30 seals, you usually hear someone getting a unique after 50-60 seals, and if you're normal like me youd get 1 within 100 seals and there are those who still haven't got any so pray for them! Keep getting at them!
  13. Server Maintenance [2017-04-22]

    Going to leave this here <3 [Timer until maintenance to help ease the timezone] http://itsalmo.st/#lifetomaintenance_yohtc
  14. Patch Notes [2017-04-18]

    I believe that's a message bug. When you have any messages in your mailbox, you actually cant send another message to anyone. You'd have to delete all your messages first, then you can compose a new one. I just tested this out by deleting my messages and I was able to PM @Raymonf. Weird bug XD
  15. Patch Notes [2017-04-18]

    We should send him PM's or this post would be filled with Screenies haha