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  1. Important Announcement

    I'm quite certain that we will not keep anything from the test server. As Ray said: Basically like playing a game with cheat-mode enabled.
  2. Important Announcement

    @SkyAlbeit being sad that the server will go down for a while, I still agree with you completely on basically every aspect. Btw, it is awesome that a test server will be made available for us to test to our hearts content. Cheers~
  3. Antivirus wont let the patcher work?

    Antiviruses don't like it because the game files have been modified with. You can add it to the exceptions list quite easily (especially on nod32). I think check files in the launcher should already re-download the deleted/quarantined files hence no reinstall required.
  4. Antivirus bugging the launcher

    First of all, use Windows Defender (previously named Microsoft Security Essentials), which is built-in and on-par with avast!, Kaspersky, F-secure etc. Will save you some money and RAM usage. Secondly, white-list the whole trickster folder if possible. I can show how to do it in Windows Defender if you don't know how to. Can you perhaps post a screenshot/snip of the message? It maybe smth else entirely.
  5. Server Maintenance [2017-06-??]

    I think CT will not come any time soon, as Sky and Ray don't have the required files (server-side), if I remember correctly.
  6. ERROR

    Did you try pressing check files? Also, have you update your windows recently?
  7. Unknown Error for Gift lvl 20.

    Neither can anyone else. It is currently bugged and will probably be fixed soon!
  8. Antivirus wont let the patcher work?

    Can you describe the error in more detail?
  9. Conversations with NPCs cancel

    Make sure that you have one quest slot free in your quest list. The max is 5 quests at a time hence by trying to take a 6th one will cancel the conversation.
  10. Gacha Boxes Content

    When will these sprites be fixed?
  11. Welcome!

    1. Secret


      Thank you!

  12. Random bugs

    There was a quest limit also in eTO, and I would guess it was 5. Which monsters specifically? Is it maybe when the map is too crowded?
  13. Gift Option in Myshop not working?

    There is currently only one untradable item in the game, I believe i.e. the kitty sprint 190. You can buy the item, place it on the marketplace as a private listing for 1galder and send the link to your husband. He then can buy it for 1 galder and voila!
  14. xtra giuvanni's tear

    Use the online (browser-based) banking: . You can also try to sell it, as it is quite hard for some people to kill him.