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  1. Changelog [2017-05-05]

    Wow guys! This is awesome, thank you so much, @Raymonf and @CubFuzzy !!
  2. Free 185 Stones :D

    Woah, this is super nice of you!! 9x HP would be amazing, thank you! <3 IGN: Zephir
  3. Pick A Class

    Same!! \o/
  4. Deep Maintenance Scope

    Looking forward to LifeTO's return! Also, you said that we'll be able to obtain MyShop comp stones in-game... does this include elemental attr capsules as well? And do you guys know yet whether they will be obtained from exchange like the current MS gear, or if they will be purchasable for galders in an NPC shop?
  5. Compound Slot Changes

    Oops Wharf Rake & Shield Ghost Blue Shield Rose Garden Sword & Shield Swamp Sword & Shield Thanks! ^u^
  6. Trickster Wiki ?

    TricksterLover seems to have a decent portion of ggFTW's wiki hosted on their site as well, so we can use that for a bit until we have our own. :)
  7. trickster Why so quiet?

    Hm... I think I would want to join a guild (not much of a leader myself, lol) with a bunch of friendly crazies just like me! xD
  8. character

    Play something different to what you're used to, mix it up a little! That's what I'm doing, since I've never given the gunner fox a fair shot (pun intended). Since you're used to a tanky character like raccoon, maybe try a Sheep or Dragon?
  9. This makes me even more excited to play!! Thanks so much for answering, you guys do good work. Keep doing what you do. n.n
  10. Hey all! So first off, just wanted to say, super excited about this server. Everyone here seems so nice and I'm legit struggling to find other games to play in the meantime, haha. But anyway, I just had a few questions regarding Myshop and rates and such. What will the cash shop be like? Will it be similar to eTO's with a bit of everything in there, or will there be some things added in/taken out? Refining/Mature compounding rates the same as eTO's or are they going to be modified? On the subject of refining/mature compounding, are anvils and elixirs and the like going to be Myshop only, or will we have ways to get them in-game as well? I guess my main concern is - will I have to spend real money to have decent gear, or will I be able to get by just fine without? Totally not against spending money on stuff like that, it just might be a little bit before I have the means to do so, lol. ^^; Anyway, I think that's all I've been wondering for now. Sorry if this has already been asked before, or if this is the wrong section to post this. Hope to see you all in-game~