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Found 1 result

  1. Patch Notes [2017-04-18]

    Note: All Resurrect Scrolls were removed. All accounts were given 1 Easter Basket 40 as downtime compensation. Thanks to @Nessie, @D9Dante, and @drew for testing. MyShop Changes Removal of all items with "Sprint" in their names Removal of all items with "Belt" in their names Removed Child's Play Capes Removed Spring Box 40 Removed Spring Box 120 Removed Belle Chocolat Box 70 Removed Belle Chocolat Box 210 Added Sheep Box 50 Added Sheep Box 90 Added Sheep Box 150 Added Sheep Box 210 Added Raccoon Box 50 Added Raccoon Box 90 Added Raccoon Box 150 Added Raccoon Box 210 Added Bunny Girl boxes Items Newbie Sprint - Changed level to 40 from 80 Final Sprint - Changed level to 140 from 150 Misc Fixed the ore exchange ( Added CF 185, 200, 215 Exchange at Vagabond Eloy inside Snow Hill Mine Decreased Spicy Dragon's Magic Resistance making it balanced with Melee/Gun class. Increase spawn of Fire Hand in Tapasco Mine PQ Fixed the missing attributes for newly purchased MyShop rings. Fixed Shuriken Master damage. Known Issues Resurrect Scroll is 200k instead of 50k in the shop The marketplace is down while we investigate a potential duplication issue Upcoming Removal of useless items Spicy Dragon accessory (pendant)