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Found 2 results

  1. Tricksters! You can now download and install Life Trickster Online into your computer. Right now it's only available for Windows platform. But don't worry, we'll release an installer for Mac OS as soon as we can. So download, install, and patch! And do not forget to register a SSI Games Account—you can create up to 10 Trickster game accounts in 1 account once it's fully released. P.S. The installer does not contain the game client yet, so you cannot run Life Trickster Online for now. Installer Download: Mirror 1 (1.4GB) | Mirror 2 (1.4GB) Full Client RAR: Mirror 1 (1.2GB) Misc. Download: Leatrix Latency Fixer
  2. Hello there, Tricksters! So, are you excited to enter Caballa Island again? If yes, great! Life Trickster Online is once again opening its doors to all Tricksters out there! The server's going to open on August 5, 2016 at exactly 5:00 PM (EST). We're going to release the installer very soon! Our main site is a work in progress. By the way, we're looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to be part of our player support council. Details will be announced soon. Register a master account at SSI Games's Panel. This account can create up to 10 game accounts on any games we publish. You can also use this account to log in to our community boards. Don't forget to join SSI Game's Discord Channel and our official Facebook Group.