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  1. Patch Notes [2017-04-22]

    We will be retaining Sheep Box and Raccoon Box (and all upcoming char boxes that are going to be released while the marketplace is down) until a week after the marketplace is reopened as suggested by the community. Corvid Box is considered as minor update so it'll be removed next week and replaced with a new box (picked by MyShop Removed Easter Basket 40, 80, 120 Removed Bunny Girl Box 80, 180 Added SI-37 Vindicator Box 220, 210, 110 Box of Regret 220, 110 General Initial client-side security release: anti-macro. Yes, it's not allowed. Reduced the value of Techichi Mine ores because it can be exchanged using a cheaper ore. Tapasco Mine ores' value will remain the same, since we're rushing to implement the client-side security for LifeTO. Fixed Resurrect Scroll price in Megalopolis Shop. Known Issues If you use a laptop and have two-finger scrolling enabled (especially those with the Synaptics Touchpad Driver), disable it. It is currently detected as a macro.