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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Tricksters! We're looking for dedicated and bright individuals who'd like to voluntarily help LifeTO. Right now, me and Raymonf are doing development and both forum and social media moderation. Sometimes, players need to wait for several hours before we respond. As much as we'd like to help everyone immediately, we only have 2 arms and we also need to sleep. Moving forward, we need help on moderating our forum and social media, Facebook and Twitter. We also need help on creating posters and other designing stuff. Forum and Social Media (SNS) Moderator Responsibilities: (6 people in different timezones) 1. Respond to queries on the forum. 2. Move topics if the the thread is posted in the wrong forum. 3. Respond to Facebook messages, comments, and wall posts. 4. Respond to Facebook group comments, and posts. Multimedia Staff's Responsibilities: (1 or 2) 1. Creating Event Posters 2. Creating Log In Backgrounds 3. Creating Patch Note Posters 4. Creating Advertisement Posters So if you're interested, message me your resume + portfolio (only if you're applying for the designing role). By the way, all of these are 100% voluntary. We can't afford to pay you, I'm pretty sure all of you are aware how poor this server is.