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Found 7 results

  1. Gift Option in Myshop not working?

    I'm trying to gift my husband something in game, and the myshop option doesn't seem to be working? I know almost 100% that the items are untradeable so I don't want to buy it just to not be able to give it to him... Not sure if this has been solved? Please help! >A<;;
  2. Growth Vitamins not showing in myshop

    I purchased 2 Growth Vitamins worth 2,000 BALS, and when I looked up myshop I never got them, tried restarting, relogging, opening up myshop everytime and they never showed up, but when I tried to purchase them again they did show up, but even after an hour I got only 2 Vitamin Growths even though I wasted 4,000 BALS trying to buy 4... To be honest, this resembles the scenario of buying a drink off a machine and the drink being stuck on the shelf. I kinda feel pathetic as I wasted 2,000 BALS over nothing.
  3. Rechargeable items

    So I bought the Khaki Hip Pouch from myshop and ran the full week. I tried to buy recharge coupons today and the server gave me an error sayings they couldn't find the item. Then when I checked Pia to see if I could recharge them, it said it wasn't a rechargeable item. Is this intended or is it a bug? Thanks for your time.
  4. I bought the Blaster 70 set for my Lion. Also bought AC 65 magic stones. Then when I try compounding, I get the error Advanced compound Failed!
  5. Tricksters, We've changed the point exchange rates from 2,000 galders per point to 1,000 galders per point, and from an even Bal exchange to 1 Bal for 2 points. In addition, we have refunded all MyShop purchases to make it even with the current exchange rate. You can also now earn MyShop using the offer wall. Thank you for your support.
  6. Hello Tricksters! We will conduct a quick 30 minute maintenance on 2017-03-12 at 5:00 PM EDT. Changes: Preliminary MyShop and MyCamp support Nyxx and Noxx eggs have been removed from Megalopolis Shop. Removed Rosemary The Chronos (untested) fix has been applied We will fix this bug in the maintenance after this. Thank you for your continued support.
  7. Frozen's Art of wonder

    Hello Welcome to my page for Art Requests Hi everyone I'm frozen some of you know me in game named "lullybean" The fox! I want to make this topic of prices and what I'll be doing and what I can do for you with your order or request of art from me. Please remember that it's just not art that I can do. I can make you icon's, banners, guild ID cards and much more. I'm open to meany things and meany idea's but here below will be a list of what I will and will not do. I hope you take in mind that I will not change what I write down below! Hello here are the rules for you to read thanks for reading! Rules: 1: I will not draw un-realistic figures. (Odd poses or weird poses) 2: I will not draw porn sorry pg here! 3: I will draw artistic nudity (none sexual) 4: I will not draw ponies or weird fetish things. Not even if you privet message me. ( I do get them) 5: I will draw blood and gore but this img will not be posted and will be given to you in a Privet message. 6: I will not start drawing or doing your request until you have payed me in full. 7: Do not ask me to do it for free or an IOU. I do not trust them and I do not trust anyone not even friends. (sorry, I'v been screwed before) 8: Do not offer me something you do not have. 9: Do not spam me asking if I'm done or will I be done soon. I will give you a time and date and even an updated progress pic to show. (Just in case you want something changed) 10: I will draw furry art, I get asked this a lot and yes I will draw them but only upperbody's 11: I will draw adorable in game char's (I mean you could be ugly if you want?) 12: I will give you a 50% refund if I feel as if I can not or no longer want to work on a pic if you are bothering me.(A lot I mean a lot of bothering) 13: I will give you a 100% refund if I feel as if I'm not up to the task of working on a pic any longer. (what I have will be given to you for free) 14: I will not sell you something I can not do. 15: I will not ask you for any passwords account information or any type of information. That is none of my business. 16: I'm limited to how much of a background you like since I'm terrible at backgrounds. Thanks for reading and I hope you re-read the rules so you understand them! Options of payment~ USD Paypal~ Including tax in game currency 3rd job help~ (quest items) (untill I get 3rd job) Upper Body- 3rd job quest items (15$ usd PayPal) 5.5Mill Full Body- 3rd job quest items (20 $ USD PayPal) 10Mill Banners- 5 mill Guild ID's- 6 mill Icon's -8 Mill prices will vary in how much you want on your char. If you would like to just donate to me please send me a privet message. more prices and more option's coming soon~ backgrounds cost extra but i would exclude it if I were you I'm not good with backgrounds.