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Found 1 result

  1. Patch Notes [2016-08-12]

    Tricksters! Server’s up and here are the updates that we’ve applied so far. Attempted Fixes: Cape Time Bug and Compound Slots Korean Client Duckling Set Portable Port Deluxe Temporary Text Change Removed New ID Button Removed Fast-Track message and announcements Job Advancement Requirement Message. 50/40 to 60/50. (It doesn’t work on Azteca yet)nd2 Increased Drop Rates: Ginseng Driller King Bag Farewell Letter Incoming Updates: Fixed 3 slots for Town Weapons and Shields, and an additional slot for the headgear. Vendable Repair Powder, Nates, and Elixirs. PVP Boss (Except for Tutankhamen and Tombeth) Room + Unique Drops for Tutankhamen, Tombeeth, Captain Skull, Pirate King Karan, and Count Blood. Changing the level limit for boss rooms: Tutankhamen (1-70), Tombeth (1-105), Captain Skull (1-125), Pirate King Karan (1-155), and Count Blood (1-190). Changing the Boss Room entrance requirement to galders. Tutankhamen (1,000G), Tombeth (3,000G), Captain Skull (5,000G), Pirate King Karan (10,000G), and Count Blood (15,000G). Adding Daily Coupon Exchange NPC to Megalopolis and adding necessity MyShop Items such as Repair Powder, Nates, and Elixirs on it. Fixing Dark Lord Job Change Quest. Adding our first costume box in MyShop. ------------------------------------------- So what happened? Why these updates weren't applied yet? Given the short time (yes, the time is short for us). We encountered server crashes and bugs while testing the "incoming updates," so we just released the stable patch for now. We'll continue working on our test server and later tonight or the next day, we'll perform a 1 to 2-hour maintenance to apply these. Thank you for understanding!