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Quick Information:

  • Pre-Chaos Tower Season 2 - Before the new Chaos Tower was implemented.
  • Experience Rate - 4x Base | 4x TM 

Available Contents/Features:

  • Client is available in English and Korean.
  • Episode 1 - Episode 6 Quests are available
  • Solo Boss Rooms until Soki - Level restrictions have been removed so even if you're already level 400, you can still enter Tutankhamen's trial.
  • Higher Boss Unique Item Drop Rate
  • No Driller Pets
  • Galders can be converted to MyShop points through the panel. Click here
  • Multiple game accounts in one master account. Click here
  • Web Trading, sell your items online. Click here

Quick Links:

Unavailable Contents: 

  • Gacha is not yet implemented.

Experiencing problem? Check our troubleshooting guide!


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