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Troubleshooting Guide

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Problem: Invalid ID/PW (60003)
Solution: The account you're entering is non-existent or the password is incorrect. To create and reset the password of a game account, go to the Account Management page in our panel. 

Problem: You can't access the server. Try again in a moment.
Solution: If you do not live in the US, it may be your ISP blocking our server. In that case, please contact your ISP. Otherwise, add LifeTO to your anti-virus/firewall exemption list. How to do that? Google it~

Problem: Setup Error! -f
Solution: The installer is corrupted. Please try the full client RAR from our website.

Problem: Invalid Data. (ERR-0021)
Solution: Your character has more than 256 items in his inventory. Use the online bank to move some of your items. 

Problem: Can't run the patcher. You're prompted with a message box containing gibberish texts.
Solution: Run the patcher as admin.


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