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Changelog [2017-05-05]

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So, after weeks of work we've finally released the marketplace and item manager! Special thanks to @CubFuzzy for doing all of the hard work!

Note: You have 2 weeks from today to move all of your items out of the legacy online bank and marketplace. You can do this by clicking the "legacy" button after selecting item manager or marketplace from the site menu.

Item Manager Feature List

Galder Bank

You can now deposit/withdraw galders to the online account bank. You can also transfer galders to other characters from the same account.

Character Item Transfer

You can now transfer items directly between characters from the same account.

Item Stacking & Quantity

Now when you move items to/from the bank or characters, if the item is stackable and there is already at least 1 at the destination, the items will stack. You can also move specific quantities of items instead of the full stack.

Sell Items on the Marketplace

Directly from the item manager either in the online account bank or a character's inventory, you can choose to move an item to a "New Sell Order" or "New Sell Order [private]".

Delete items

You can now delete items. You are able to specify a quantity if you do not want to delete the whole stack.

Item Filtering

You can now filter items by name to quickly find an item you are looking for.

Marketplace Feature List

Galder or MyShop

You can now choose what currency your sell order is for. You can now sell for galders or myshop.
Galder market orders will be charged a 1% tax as the item(s) are purchased. There is currently no tax for MyShop orders.
Galder sales proceeds will be deposited into the online account bank (less the 1% tax).

Partial Order Fulfillment

Buyers can specify a quantity of the item for sale and purchase just that quantity. The remaining quantity remains available for others to purchase. All purchased items will go to your online account bank and not directly to the character inventory.


When purchasing items (galder sell orders only), you can choose what character to buy using. You can also use your online account bank if you have galders in it. The galders will be deducted from the wallet you choose.

Time Limited Orders

Currently orders will expire after 7 days. The items will not be returned to you automatically however you can visit the marketplace and cancel any expired orders to get your items delivered to your online account bank. This may become automated in the future.

Filters, Search and Sort

The marketplace interface allows you to sort by "All Orders", "MyShop Orders", "Galder Orders" for both public and your own orders. You can also sort the results by date or price either ascending or descending. You also can provide a search term to narrow the marketplace list to item names containing the search term.

Private Orders

When you view your own orders; all orders will display a link you can share for the item. Private orders will not be shown in the market to the public, but anyone can access them if they have the link for that item. The item links contain a randomized token to protect your orders from private order sniffing.

Both Marketplace and Item Manager

More Item Detail

Items shown in both the marketplace and item manager will now show the item's use/description (when possible) minimum level, compound slots, refine level, broken status and totaled stats specific to that item (AP, MP, AC, etc). Timed items time remaining status, compounds used, fuses and other item information that is not present may be added in a later release.


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Amazing Patch 


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Thanks for the hard work!


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Yeah Thank You! (clap)


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Posted (edited)

Amazing patch, guys. Thanks a lot for your hard work! :D

Edited by Loa

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